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Minnesota Leads in 2022 Corn Silage Production
Minnesota Ag Connection - 02/21/2024

Minnesota's 2022 corn silage production showcased Stearns County as the leading contributor, producing an impressive 1,278,000 tons, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Other top-performing counties included Stevens (662,000 tons), Winona (403,000 tons), Swift (382,000 tons), and Houston (375,000 tons).

Wabasha, Mower, and Dodge Counties tied for the highest yield, boasting an average of 26 tons per acre harvested. Goodhue secured the fourth-highest yield at 25.5 tons per acre. The state's overall average yield for corn silage in 2022 stood at 21.5 tons per acre.

Yields were calculated by dividing a county's production by its harvested area, considering only published estimates for county rankings. The report detailed the extensive data on corn silage production, area harvested, yield, and production for each county across various districts.

Notably, the diverse range of counties participating in corn silage cultivation highlighted the state's significant contribution to the national agricultural landscape. The data underscored the impact of each county's agricultural practices, showcasing both the scale of production and the efficiency of operations.

As the state averages a commendable 21.5 tons per acre, Minnesota's corn silage production in 2022 exemplifies the agricultural prowess and commitment to excellence within its diverse counties.

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