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Rain Delays Harvest Progress Across Minnesota
Minnesota Ag Connection - 09/25/2018

Much of the state received enough rainfall to delay harvest progress during the week ending Sunday, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. There were 3.1 days suitable for fieldwork. Field activities for the week included harvesting corn, soybeans, dry edible beans, potatoes and sugarbeets.

Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 1 percent very short, 6 percent short, 72 percent adequate and 21 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated 3 percent very short, 10 percent short, 66 percent adequate and 21 percent surplus.

Ninety-six percent of the corn has reached the dent stage or beyond, 3 days ahead of the five-year average. Corn mature was at 66 percent, 9 days ahead of average. Corn for silage harvest was 85 percent complete, 11 days ahead of average. Reports were received of corn being harvested for grain. Corn crop condition was rated 78 percent good to excellent. Ninety-seven percent of the soybean crop was turning color or beyond with 82 percent dropping leaves, both 1 week ahead of average. Fifteen percent of the soybean crop was harvested, 4 days ahead of average. Soybean condition was rated 73 percent good to excellent.

Eighty-two percent of dry edible beans have been harvested, 10 days ahead of average. Sunflower condition improved to 73 percent good to excellent. Potato harvest was 69 percent complete, 6 days ahead of average. Sugarbeet harvest was 11 percent complete, 8 days ahead of average. Sugarbeet condition was rated 75 percent good to excellent.

Pasture conditions were rated 53 percent good to excellent.

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