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Minnesota ends 2023 farming season amid snow and frost
Minnesota Ag Connection - 11/28/2023

The final week of Minnesota's 2023 farming season, ending November 26, faced challenges with widespread snow and many frozen fields, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Despite these conditions, farmers managed to complete most of their fall fieldwork within the 5.8 days deemed suitable for such activities.

In terms of livestock health, the situation remained stable with no significant issues reported. The moisture levels in the soil were varied, with topsoil moisture supplies rated at 9% very short, 27% short, 60% adequate, and 4% surplus.

Subsoil moisture showed similar diversity, with 12% very short, 37% short, 49% adequate, and 2% surplus.

A significant achievement for the season was the sunflower harvest, which neared completion at 95%. This marks a robust end to the farming activities amidst the challenging weather conditions.

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